Out of the Darkness, Congo Unites – Movie Trailer

How is it possible that the greatest human suffering over the last two decades has happened without us knowing or even caring?

“Out of the Darkness, Congo Unites” takes us to the precarious eastern border of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Over the last twenty years, this region has seen more chaos and death than any place on the planet. War, tribal animosity, a complexity of rebel groups, extreme poverty, and sexual violence make life more than challenging. All of this is shielded by almost complete impunity. Yet, this is the region for a student peace and reconciliation movement called, “Congo Unites.” A five-day intensive conference sets the backdrop for this documentary to examine the difficult life these students have been born into. During the conference the young leaders will be challenged to lay down their long-held prejudice and tribal identities and be encouraged to embrace the idea of unity as “Congolese.” The harsh details of Congo’s turbulent history and chaotic current events, including a potentially explosive election in 2016, can’t deflate the contagious hope found in the young Congolese who are determined to see a better Congo become a reality now.