Dear friends,

There is an unrecognized movement in Africa, one that’s advancing around the world. Young people in these war torn countries are coming together to find common ground and to live in peace.

Our film will follow four Congolese students from different tribes as they prepare to attend the “Future Leaders Conference for Hope and Reconciliation” in Goma, Congo July 2014.

Told in their own words, we will learn about their families, hopes, fears and perspective of the “other side”, exploring the challenges and discovering their dreams and desires for a united Congo.

We will tell the story of a few catalytic students; show where they live, learn their story, hear how they started a movement that continues to this day. Today many youth are joining who are committed to bringing hope and reconciliation to their communities and others like it around the world.

This documentary will film the movement from it’s inception to the present day. This film will inspire you and millions of others to be agents of reconciliation of hope in your world.

Warmest Regards,


Michael Kenyon & Doug Moss
Producers for Congo Unites