A Full Day

computerLab1 (Students in Computer Lab)


Our day Monday was a full day, but a very good day.  We started off in the morning, by picking up our rescheduled interview with Pascal, the President of Congo Unites.  He had some very good things to say and let us know that since the Congo Unites conference in July of last year, when 200 students got together to launch the movement, there are now over 7,000 students all across the country that are members of Congo Unites!  That is amazing!  The leadership have been trying to keep up with the growth while they formalize their by-laws, register as an official organization with the Congolese government among many other things.  A lot of activity in a fairly short time, all done by the student leadership here in Congo in concert with guidance from Global Unites.


Our afternoon was spent at the Un Jour Nouveau (Africa New Day) center checking out the new school.  They currently have 38 students in first and second grade attending the UJN school. We sat in on their leadership, english and computer lab classes.  I especially like the computer lab classes – 38 first and second graders trying to follow their teachers’ instructions while all sitting at their own laptop… controlled chaos.  The teachers did a great job corralling the students and taking them through their lesson.


The day ended with an interesting opportunity for us.  The US Embassy representatives here in Congo were holding a town hall meeting for any US citizens that happened to be in Goma.  We heard about the meeting through Camille and Esther as they work very closely with the US Embassy as Wardens in Goma.  We learned a little more about the potential unrest and violence that could take place as the 2016 presidential elections for Congo get closer.


A couple of meetings tomorrow (Tuesday) and some time at Heal Africa.


More to come.