Arrived in Goma


(Randy setting up to shoot an interview with Camille)


We arrived in Goma on Friday afternoon – but without any of our checked luggage.  We had four checked bags, one each for Randy and I and then 2 bags we were bringing back to Goma for Camille and Esther who recently returned from the states.  All four of those bags did not arrive with us – they were lost by the airline.  The good news is that most of our gear for shooting was in our carry-on bags, so we were able to still shoot our first day while waiting for our luggage.


We had a nice meal with Camille and Esther on Friday evening and discussed our plans for capturing the handful of shots that we need to finish off the film.  We planned on heading back to Buhimba, which is the name of the center that hosted the Congo Unites Future Leaders conference last year.  We were able to get all of the interviews and b-roll shot that we hoped to get just in time before the rain started – which was great.  The picture above shows Randy setting up for an interview with Camille.  I mentioned that most of our gear was in our carry-on bags, one item that wasn’t was Randy’s fairly heavy-duty tripod that we use in all of our interviews.  Thankfully Camille and Esther had a tripod, albeit way too small for our camera, that did the trick.  Hopefully we don’t have to wait to long for our bags to arrive.


Tomorrow is Sunday so we are headed to get some footage and attend Camille and Esther’s church.  Randy and I were able to attend the very first church service that they had on one of our previous trips so it will be good to experience again.


More to come…