Long Time, No Talk

Wow, so much has happened since our last update.


We are so grateful to all of you that have been asking what is happening and what is next.  We are excited about the friends we have been able to make along this journey, the wonderful footage that we have been able to capture, and the stories of reconciliation that we have been able to witness as a result of this movement.


Over the past several months we have catalogued and poured over the hours of footage we have gathered.  We are now moving into the edit phase of the project.  We are extremely excited as we move through the next phase of this project.


However, the next 7-10 days could be very important to the next steps and direction that this project takes.  With that in mind we have a request.  Would you join us in continued prayer for this project?


First and foremost for our Congolese friends.  Over the last several days there have been deadly protests in the capital city, Kinshasa regarding the government’s efforts to change Congo’s election law aimed at keeping President Kabila in power longer than the current term limits allow.  We pray for our friends safety and for wisdom for the government of DRC as they navigate this critical time leading up to the 2016 elections.


Secondly for our project.  As you are hopefully aware, the goal of the Congo Unites Movie project is to provide awareness and funding to the peace and reconciliation movement through the youth that are a part of Congo Unites.  As I mentioned, the next several days could be critical to the path toward our goals of awareness and funding.


Lastly, we have included with this update this brief teaser video that our DP, Jock Petersen, put together that captures some of the beauty and depth of our new friends in Congo.



Please pray with us for God’s guidance as we enter our next phase.  Whatever approach God lays out for us, we expect to have more frequent updates coming over the next several weeks.


Thank you so much for your continued support.