Day 19 – The Makings of a Movement


I’ve often wondered what it would have been like to be a witness to history.  Imagine watching Abraham Lincoln deliver the Gettysburg address or Martin Luther King Jr. preaching about equality in a Birmingham church worship service.  I wonder if the people at those gatherings realized the significance of the moment.  Today I couldn’t help but think about this as the President of Global Unites, Prashan Di Visser, delivered the closing talk for the conference.  It was incredible.  He shared his story about how God worked through him to start the Sri Lanka Unites student led peace clubs all throughout his home country.  He told the young people gathered that God was going to use their gifts and talents as well as their insufficiencies to change Congo.  It was powerful and moving.




Prashan then went on to explain the 5 areas of leadership; Media/Arts, Education, Strategic Planning, Health/Trauma and Sports.  He invited the students to choose one of these 5 areas to focus on during the coming year.  After the talk was finished, the students gathered up in the small groups, designated in these categories.  They brainstormed ways they could develop these programs within each of their provinces.  The goal over the next year is to grow the movement from 200 students to 50,000.  There is a strategy in place to make this a reality.


Our retreat ended with a 2 hour boat ride on Lake Kivu.  Many of the students had never been on a boat like the one we went on.  The sun set over the horizon.  It was the perfect way to end our time together.  Before leaving Goma, our production team spent a couple of hours with Kobundo (Grace).  He is one of the two boys coming to Mission Viejo, California this fall to attend high school.  I sure hope you have the chance to meet him while he is in the States.


Thank you for following this journey.  We are glad that you are a part of this history making season for Congo!



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