Days 17 & 18 – Dealing with Trauma


How does a young adult growing up in a conflict zone overcome the trauma they have experienced? That is the question Henry Kabeya posed in the opening session of the day. Kabeya is a psychological counselor from the United Nations office in Congo. He shared with the students the consequences of suppressing the trauma and then moved into a discussion on how to find healing. He was so impressed by the students who were in attendance and the effort they were making to overcome adversity. He said they need one another and the more they talk about the pain with others who have experienced the same thing, the quicker the healing will come.


From a filming standpoint, we are really pleased with the progress being made. Each day we have filmed the opening session and then held a private interview with the keynote speaker. The afternoon has consisted of interviewing students and leaders one on one. We have worked diligently to have a variety of students from the 11 Provinces represented, as well as a good balance of boys and girls sharing their story. Erick, our good friend from Kenya (and second cameraman), has mostly been shooting B-roll footage. B-roll is the supplemental or alternative footage intercut with the main shot in an interview or documentary.


Today is the final day of the conference. Prashan is going to share in great detail on how to grow the Congo Unites movement this coming year. The students are going to perform tribal dances from their provinces, wearing native clothes that celebrate their region. The day will end with a boat ride around Lake Kivu and then the students will head home.


Thank you for your involvement in this exciting movement.



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