Here we go again…

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Hello All,

Well, let me just type a couple of sentences as it is getting close to 2am.  We are off to Goma again.  Here are some quick updates since we last talked.


  1. Our Premiere/Screening back in May of 2015 was great.  We sold out the theatre, had a great event, and received a ton of positive feedback on the film.
  2. Then in June I had brain surgery to remove a tumor from my ear canal/brain.  All is well although the recovery took about 6 months – I am again ready (for the most part) to head to Goma.
  3. We have been planning one last trip to Goma for the “Out of Darkness, Congo Unites” film since right after the screening.  We want to capture a couple of items that will help piece the final story together.  The planning and timing and funding all came together and we are heading out to Goma tomorrow (or later today, more accurately).


So, just Randy & I (Doug) are heading out this time and will travel for the standard couple of days, arriving in Goma on Friday sometime.  Be on the lookout for some updates on our progress and how things are going.